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Too busy enjoying Dengeki Stryker to make it all the way out to our AX panel? Don’t worry! We’ve got all our announcements for you here as well!

First and foremost is news everyone’s been waiting for! At long last, all the work on ef ~the first tale~ is complete, and we’re proud to announce the game will be going on sale July 27th, 2012! In just one more month, you’ll finally be able to experience this great game in English!

We have even more updates on our previously announced titles as well! All the translation work on Otoboku is now complete, so once scripting is finished, it’s on to beta testing. We’re hoping to have this sweet tale of romance on sale this Fall!

Not to be left behind, Eroge is quickly approaching the end of it’s translation as well! There’s still a bit over a dozen H-scenes left to translate, but this sexy game about making sexy eroge will be coming to you this Winter!

Furthermore, this Winter, will finally see the release of our second Baseson title, Harukoi Otome! The game is currently in scripting, with beta testing to follow over late summer and autumn. Enjoy a deep, touching story with these seven heroines in a tale as long as Koihime Musou.

But now, it’s time to announce our new titles and acquisitions! This year, we’ve found another partner in Softhouse Seal! After releasing their first title in 2006, Softhouse Seal has gone on to release over 80 different sexy titles across it’s five different brands: Softhouse Seal, Re:verse, Softhouse Seal Grandee, Devil Seal, and Anime Seal.

“Boobs or DFC?”, the question that sparked a fierce war amongst nations in our newest game, Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat Chests!
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In the 22nd century, women were suddenly split into two factions: those with E-Cups or bigger, and those with A-cups or smaller! The sudden change forced the world to debate which was better, big boobs or flat chests, but the debate only grew more heated until the factions were finally split completely and erupted into a war to settle the matter once and for all! It was then that erorist agent Eagle is called upon to seduce the Queen of Big Boobs and the Queen of Flat Chests and put a stop to this war!
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It’s up to you to determine the outcome in this turn-based card battler with animated sex scenes from Softhouse Seal, Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat Chests, available this Fall!

“Go, Gaki! I choose you!” Collect all the demons and use them to help seduce your childhood friend in our newest game, Sexy Demon Transformation!
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Angered at losing the position of Boss to his childhood friend, exorcist Ashiya Yamoto makes a deal with the demons, agreeing not to destroy them if they’ll lend him their power to help achieve his goal: impregnate Asuka and drag her down from her position!

By combining different different demons and using their unique powers, you can enjoy a myriad of ways to sex her up and bring her down in Softhouse Seal’s Sexy Demon Transformation, available this Fall!

“I’ll have a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.”
“Your mission, Mr. Hando, is to protect womb peace. We’ll be praying for your succex.”
[swfobj src=””]
Hando. Iiyama Hando. A secret agent in the service of the Worldwide Womb Intelligence Agency, known for a 100% success rate on his missions to investigate the safety of wombs everywhere, and cum inside. The fight to protect womb peace is a never ending task, and today he’s been assigned a new target.

“Later, brethren. Let us meet again in Hell,” when Softhouse Seal’s SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy is available this Winter!

After defeating the demons, Orion Sun thought she could finally live in peace, enjoying her everyday life and love for Osamu, but she was wrong! The demons were still alive, and worse, their leader, Gildart, has now possessed the boy she loves, using his body to have their way with her! Who else will suffer as the demons run amok while she tries to save her beloved?!

Find out in 2013, when release Portion’s Orion Heart!

Denis decided to become an apprentice to the Great Witch April in order to learn magic from her, but all he got was being treated like her familiar! Then one day, he accidentally frees a fairy from her library, and together they begin plotting their revenge on April!

It’s time to take matters into your own hands with Aconite’s Slave Witch April, available in 2013!

Thanks to everyone who attended the panel, we’ll be back next month for Otakon!

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  1. Some of the Softhouse Seal games appear to have interesting gameplay. Unfortunately, I tend to prefer cute/upbeat games, plot-driven games, and all-ages games, so I’m not interested in the other new acquisitions. Sorry.

  2. It’s really sad to see MG focusing almost entirely on nukiges… I understand they generally sell better, but if you don’t throw a bone to those of us interested in good erogesall ages games you will end up losing the opportunity to broaden your appeal and your audience.

    I’m especially sad for Innocent Grey’s Cartagra: that game has apparently been fantranslated ages ago, but at this point I imagine if you guys don’t license it we will never be able to play it in English…

  3. Ugh, all of the new licenses are nukige. That’s disappointing. I was hoping for pure love games, or at least something with a plot.

    Thanks for the update on ef and OtoBoku. I’m looking forward to them.

  4. “Go, Gaki! I choose you!” looks interesting.

  5. I don’t care the game if it become a hard-copy. ^^
    (I hope games like harukoi and ef will have some *_* )

  6. If we talk about nukiges – what about more fetishists and hardcore ones? What I mean is – such lighthearted silly nukiges.. well, market now is just overflowing with them.
    But if you try to translate something more perverted – like incest, hypnosis, netorare or femdom titles, with mature women and “sounds of copulation” – something like games from Guilty, Black Rainbow, Speed (Kansen series), Complet’s etc. – it would be much more interesting 😉 I definetely NOT something about fantasy or magic again.. our world, our time – is what is most interesting when you talk about nukiges since reader can identify himself with protagonist more successfully ^_^

  7. This looks really great. Im really glad that they are able to translate some of Softhouse seal games :D. Im not so in too demon and stuff, but I will buy all of these anyway. Too help the eroge/galge market here in Europe and America.
    I hope for a hard copy on Ef, Harukoi Otome and Dengeki Stryker :3

    Great job Mangagamer as always. Keep up the great work.

    Mangagamer and Jast USA are those who bless the world with eroge and galge for us!

  8. I’m wating still on Shin Koihime Musou release.

    • You’re going to be waiting a very long time.

      • OH please don’t say that…
        Don’t break peoples dreams.
        I’m waiting and I can’t stop beleave this from happen!
        Please give us Shin Koihime Musou!!

      • Well, I remember reading a post from MG, that Baseson was very happy with Koihime Musou sales. Shin Koihime Musou is now more than likly to come now. If sales keeps going of course. 🙂

    • Better hope Harukoi Otome sells well then

  9. light hearted nukige? bring it on XD
    even though I’m more into plot, but sometimes nukige is also ok for a breeze 😀 (but I’m not going to buy nukige that contain mind-break, netorare, or something like that. I’m talking about you, Orion Heart,Slave Witch April,Sexy Demon Transformation).

    oh well, the one I want to read most is harukoi, otoboke, and SSSS <- it looked hilarious XD

  10. Ugh, I’m sick of seeing nothing but nukige. In fact, I think it would be nice to get more all ages titles- I would buy them without a second thought, especially if they got hard copies.

  11. “I’ll have a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.”
    “Your mission, Mr. Hando, is to protect womb peace. We’ll be praying for your succex.”

    plzno. plzplzno.

  12. Wait, so what about Song of Saya?

  13. The only one of these announced games that really interested me was “Sexy Demon Transformation”, because the trailer looks like a lof of fun (a lot of weird humor (a sword with a mouth!?) and great drawings). However, now I have to find out through JPGwarrior’s comment that it features mindbreak. That’s messed up!
    I always thought that the concept of mindbreak is really disgusting. Who wants to have sex with a soulless puppet?

    So I’m not sure if I want to have “Sexy Demon Transformation”, but “SSSS” and “ef: the first tale” still interest me a bit (the first one, because the basic idea behind the game is quite funny, and the latter one, because it’s a classic.)

    I have to agree with the people who want more story oriented games. I personally don’t care for the sex scenes that much. I’d much prefer a visual novel with lots of different endings and lots of different ways to get to them (like Mass Effect (but without the combat) or March 32nd).

    P.S.: If you love story-oriented games, visit, it seems like it’s going to be the best piece of interactive fiction EVER.

  14. Where r u baldr sky

  15. raincoat superstar

    Is there going to be a pre-order for ef: The First Tale to assist with my penny-pinching endeavours?

    Of the other titles, the one that most interests me is Super Secret Sexy Spy because it has the potential to be amusing and the ladies are hawt. Yeah, I’m kind of easy to please.

  16. I only care for Harukoi otome.
    Ef bundle perhaps?

  17. These softhouse games are terrible, story vice and art also. You dont have enough nukiges or what? Acquire some pure love with good art finally.

    • You mean like Harukoi Otome, slated for this Winter?

      • Nope i didnt mean some average Baseson game which have same characters as their previous games. Bring something new and nice from Yuzusoft, Sagaplanets, Windmill, Moonstone(not nukiges), Palette, Propeller, age…

      • I think mfx is right to be angry. You guys started off with some great titles – DC, Higurashi, Shuffle… and now this? Not one, not two, but five sex romps? Talk about depressing. I get that you’re a business and have to make money, but for those of us who were looking forward to KimiNozo and Oretsuba, this is a sad day indeed.

        • Obviously our staff would love to work on KimiNozo and Oretsuba as well, but there are a lot of factors involved, and cost vs. profitability is a major one when trying to negotiate big titles like those. As we’ve said before on multiple occasions: if you want us to be able to bring out games like that, we need higher sales to convince other companies to join. When the sales don’t come close to costs, companies become more hesitant to release.

          That being said, it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped our efforts to try and negotiate titles like that either. It just means that negotiating them is taking us a lot more work than it did for the titles we’ve announced. We do hope to have more story/character based titles to announce in the future, but at the same time, we have a nice relationship with Clock-Up, Nexton, and Softhouse Seal right now, and assuming their titles do well, it’ll be easy for us to get more from their catalog. Same goes for Caramel Box as well, so if OtoBoku does well, you’re likely to see more from them too.

          In short, if you don’t like the announcements we made this year, then show your monetary support for the kind of games you do want to see, and try to help convince others to do so as well.

  18. I made it to see your booth and everything but sadly you guys ran out of the Deardrops Dakimakura covers i wanted are you going to have more next year? I really wanted one, and i can’t find them online anywhere so how can i get ahold of one now that AX has ended?

  19. gaudy6523: shares characters from Koihime, just take a look at the cover of Koihime and Harukoi Otome – looks same.

    Translating a VNs like your new titles is waste, maybe good for your cash but not good for VN reputation in the west.

    • I guess this isn’t the best time to tell you that it’s the ame artist…?

      You still haven’t told me which characters are shared…

      • The only characters from HK that show up in KM are Oikawa and possibly Kisaya if you count Kazuto’s mention of her in the beginning. I think he just doesn’t like the character artwork

  20. Good announcements.^_^ Hopefully some of these titles (particularly Eroge, Harukoi Otome, and Boob Wars) will be available in hard copy form.

  21. I’m actually astonished that these games are selling better than the more plot oriented VNs. Aren’t these sex games significantly shorter too?

    I’ve always liked all ages titles myself, although Da Capo was pretty great (I’d especially like to see D.C.3 translated in the future).

    What’s MG’s relationship with Cyberfront, if at all? It would be cool to get the Memories Off series in English, and it would be a cool little experiment for MG to see how an all ages title with so many sequels/spinoffs would sell.

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