Tester’s Corner: No Thank You Ed. Vol 7


No, Thank You!!! got a lot of buzz when it was first released in Japan, and many Western BL fans hoped for an English release. Thankfully, MangaGamer decided to answer our prayers. It definitely stands out from typical BL game fare—two bara-looking love interests? Body hair and ejaculation options? Then again, NTY!!! is not exactly what you’d call a typical BL game. Continue reading

No Thank You! Creator Q&A


We’ve got something a little special to share with everyone today: some background on how No, Thank You!!! was developed and a bit of insight into its creators. This is a translated excerpt of the Q&A section of No, Thank You!!! Setting Sourcebook. This post contains some spoilers about the plot of the game, so if you haven’t finished at least one route yet, you might want to refrain from reading zontil you do.

Any answers not specifically attributed to a staff member are from Amemiya, the game’s director. Hamashima, the game’s artist, is referred to by her BL penname, Sanpei here.

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Tester’s Corner: No Thank You Ed. Vol 3


No Thank You!!! is the first visual I had the pleasure of testing for MangaGamer, and when I first received the offer, I could honestly say I was a bit daunted. Not only was the game lengthy, it was obviously so far out of my genre it wasn’t even funny, considering the subject matter. Despite that, I was happy to dive in and get the full experience that it could offer. Continue reading