Tick Tack – Nerine

Today we’ll introduce you to one of the girls of Tick Tack, Nerine! (Or, at least reacquaint you, if you played Shuffle!)

Nerine is the only daughter of The King of the Devils, Forbesii, and is the princess of the devils. She’s polite and courteous, and generally reserved. However, when it comes to Rin, she’ll put her shame aside if it will make him happy. (And yes, it DOES make him happy! Enjoy embarrassing her!)

Nerine 1
But wait, there’s more than one Nerine! Changing history via time travel can have some… interesting side effects. Of utmost interest is the fact her memory of both potential timelines will merge, so congrats, you still won her over! Introducing Nerine: red-haired version!

Nerine 2
This version of Nerine is a lot more outgoing and proactive. While the original would go along with whatever Rin wanted, this version of her is much more likely to just put the moves on Rin herself!

Nerine 3
Another time variation might see a more chibi-fied version of Nerine. She’s adorable and quite like the original Nerine, if a bit more timid… but still adores you!

Nerine 4
So, now you’re aquainted with Nerine… and Nerine, and Nerine! Look forward to more posts introducing characters up to the game release at the end of the month~!

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  1. If only there were some way to get all three Nerines to exist at once for a harem end. Sure, the space time continuum would be utterly destroyed but I think it would be worth it 😉

  2. Are there no ero-scenes for this chibi Nerine?

  3. She’s are so pretty,but Sia is infinity better ^.^

  4. I think I prefer chibi and original Nerine versions, though the girl I’m mostly waiting for is still Ai.

    BTW, shouldn’t the new Comko be used as naughty-bits blocker now? I thought the old Comko is guardian of the all-ages sections now…

    • Of course not. When the old Comko is involved, it’s All Ages. So, it only makes sense that the old Comko is still the “Naughty Bits Blocker” since that’s what makes something ero something All Ages.

    • Hmm, yes that’s one way to look at it I guess…

    • Actually, I have to correct my choice of the Nerine versions. I thought the chibi version was the image above the kid version because the lighting made her hair look almost white and the kid Nerine just a childhood image. I didn’t expect the Chibi version to be the 8 – 10 year old kiddo. Japanese and their Loli fetish… (Sigh!)
      So I’m for normal and red Nerine of course. I surely won’t make the pedo route for the Chibi version.

  5. Red Nerine, best Nerine.

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